Lesson 8: Installing Deadbolts - Part 4

Installing on metal doors

The process of installing a deadbolt on a metal door is similar to an instillation on a wooden door but with a few minor distinctions. When you are drilling the bolt holes on the door and the frame, use a 1” drill bit instead of a spade bit. Drill bits are much better for metal doors. Instead of chizzeling the the bolt faceplate flush use a sqeeze play to indent the metal door. All metal doors are hollow on the inside. After you have drilled the door you will insert part of the sqeeze play into the door to indent the metal door.

Take some time at this point to make note of the sqeeze play. It is essentially only 3 pieces, a threaded bolt, a front plate, and a rimmed back plate. It is the rimmed edges on the backplate that allow the indentation to occur.

To use the sqeeze play you must insert one end inside the door while the other remains on the outside. Use a set of pliers to rotate the bolt. This willsqeeze the 2 plates together, indenting the door as it does so.

Hold the rimmed back plate on the inside of the door up against the bolt hole. Be very careful at this point. If you let go of the back plate you may not be able to retrieve it. Send the threaded bolt, with the top plate attached, through the bolt hold and begin threading. You will feel tension as you bend the metal frame. Some force will be necessary.

Once you are satisfied with the degree of indentation you may remove the sqeeze play by unthreading the bolt. Once again be careful not to drop the backplate down the door as it will be difficult to replace.

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