Lesson 10: Commercial Locksmithing - Part 3

Commercial Grade Deadbolts

Most high security cylinders can fit inside commercial grade hardware. Probably the best commercial grade deadbolt is the Schlage B660, which can work with a Primus or Assa cylinder. B660 series meets or exceeds Grade 1 strength and operational requirements. The B660 comes with an optional Interchangeable core, solid brass or bronze cylinder collars, a security shield to prevent “ice pick attacks” and hardened steel ball bearings to protect the two mounting bolts from drilling attacks. The strikes come with wood frame reinforce anchored with two heavy 3” screws to resist kick-in attacks and a free-spinning solid or reinforced collars to resist cylinder wrenching. The bolt is made of high-strength steel alloy with hardened steel roller to resists sawing and kick-in attacks. A free-spinning solid cylinder collar resists wrenching and prying. Metal shield protects bolt from ice-pick attack through door.

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