Lesson 11: Door Hardware - Part 2

Electric strike

The electric strike is an access control that replaces the fixed strike faceplate of a regular lock. It functions like a fixed strike by creating a ramped surface to the latch which allows the door to close much like a fixed strike would. An electric strike can be made to withdraw from the latch so that the door can be pushed open without the latch being retracted. Electric strikes are generally available in two configurations.

  • Fail-secure configuration makes it so that an electric current to the strike will cause it to open. In this configuration, the strike remains locked but the knob can be used to open the door from the inside.
  • Fail-safe configuration locks the strike when an electrical signal is applied otherwise the door can be pushed open at all times.

Electric strikes can be equipped with buzzers that allow someone outside the door to hear when the door is open. This is commonly seen on the front doors of apartment buildings. To install an electronic strike you need to chisel it into the strike plate side of the door and run the wiring through the inside of the house.

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